Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

Most dads don’t get enough recognition when they have their day. In fact, not every child knows that Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Have you ever thrown your Dad a party on the occasion of him being a good dad? That’s right, you gotta do so in any case, because it will be such an unexpected and good present to let your father be a king of the hill for one day, free from worrying how to protect a loved family and how to help everyone. False, he won’t stop doing that anyway, Father’s day or not. So, if you have the best dad in the Universe, let’s see how you can celebrate his day together with your family.

  • Cooperate with your mom to prepare a party. Ask your relatives to make a sacred little day just for your father. Gather together to cook him some food, something he likes eating the most. Think of the most wanted thing and purachase it. Splurge on good wine, buy him a suit or a grill he always wanted. Prepare toasts. Wake him up with a special breakfast and spend the day together with your family. You can travel to the countryside together, renting a house in a rural area to get real close with your parents. This family time bonding will be something you will remember for the rest of your life, it is a true moment of kindness and togetherness. Try to stay as close as possible.
  • Throw a party for him and his friends. No home cooked meals this time. No barbecue, no #1 Dad mugs. Keep it cool and classy. You can make your Dad feel like a real king by calling all of his friends and influential people of his circle to a closed party (but make sure he likes all of those people and talks to them not because of politeness). Rent a courtyard or a private beach with a bar. Set the dress code. If you have some money, this option will be really impressive, because it will instantly boost his self-esteem to be shining in front of his co-workers and friends in this polished atmosphere. It will also show your care and attention to details
  • Sign him for an oversee tour. Or buy him a ticket to a country he has never been in. It will be really cute and important if you took your Dad to a country he has always dreamt to visit, even if it would be for a day. He would never forget what you did for him as a child.
  • Buy him a ticket to an event. A rock concert will be a great idea because dads were as reckless as we are in their younger days so you have all the chances to evoke all of his childish recklessness, his 80’s coolness and swag. The best thing is when you know what band is his best. Take him to this concert and rock’n’roll together.
  • Arrange a romantic trip for your parents. If your parents are married for many years, chances are their marital life needs some work in a romantic department. Rent a spa hotel for them and invite them to a spa day (without you, of course!) They will return with a spark in the eyes, for sure. If your parents are divorced, introduce your father to single ukrainian woman.
  • Order a table at a luxury restaurant. Find a restaurant with your father’s favorite cuisine and a good wine cart. Make a table for three if you want it to be a family celebration, or for two if you want to arrange a date for your parents. You can also make a table for two to join your Dad and spend the day together, talking how much you love him and how much good things he did for you.