Father’s Day Quotes Your Dad Will Love

Father’s day is a very special celebration. It is a day when it’s not shameful to tell your Dad how much you love him and how much kind deeds he has done for you. Historically, Dad’s day is not the same as Mother’s day when it comes to popularity. We tend to forget about it, but our fathers need some love as well. We are afraid to get mushy with our dads because they are perceived to be strong and strict. But this perception needs to be changed and our dads deserve some cute presents are well. You can start now by sending your father a meaningful dad quote.

  1. Father’s prudence is the most valid instruction for children.
  2. A man who could not understand his father will not become a Father himself.
  3. You can’t replace a good Father with a good man.
  4. All fathers want their children to complete their life-long dreams.
  5. Fatherly love is no different than self-love.
  6.  Why does a father love his son more than a son loves his father?  Because the son is his creation.  Every human protects what he has created.
  7. You don’t need an idol when you have a good Father.
  8. If children see their parents as an endless power supply, then when the power elapses, they begin to see them as an overstrain.
  9. When I was fourteen, my father was so stupid that I could hardly bear him;  but when I was twenty-one, I was amazed how much this old man had become smarter over the past seven years.
  10. Without father’s upbringing, no school will teach the same good manners.
  11. Parents can except any flaws, except those they brought in us themselves.
  12. Treat your parents the same way you would want your children to treat you. 
  13. Father is something more, regardless of his qualities, he is authoritative;  a father is gratitude for the bread eaten in childhood, adolescence and youth, he is something, obliging to love.
  14. When you finally realize that your father was usually right, your son is already growing up, convinced that his father is usually wrong.  If you do not learn from your mistakes, there is no point in doing them.
  15. The strongest paternal anger is more tender than the most tender filial love.
  16. A child’s personality is a response to their parent’s personalities.
  17. Adults’mischief is called deeds, children have deeds, too. Children are punished for their deeds, but no one is spared from their deeds.
  18. The severity of the father is an excellent remedy: it contains more sweet than bitter.
  19. My father never said he loves me.  However, according to his actions, I always understood that he loves me more than anything else.
  20. The father knows his children as well as God knows us all; he reads in the depths of hearts and judges the very intentions.
  21. Oh, those beautiful men.  They are always smart boys first.  And when they have babies – they become fathers.  Some even dads.  And only the chosen ones remain dads forever.
  22. In order to be a good dad, sometimes you got to be a bad person.
  23. It’s easier for a dad to have kids than vice versa.
  24. One father knows more than a hundred teachers.
  25. Dear father, maybe some day I’ll meet a prince, but you will always be my king.

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